Hi! I’m Ben!

I’ve created this site to help people like you to find out more about jobs in EU institutions, whether they might be a good fit for you and how to get one.

I’m trying to post unique information here which is not easily available on other resources or not in an easily digestible format. Most articles are responses to questions I hade when I just started out.

I’m currently working in my third EU institution. I’m married and have a lovely daughter and a dog.

I’m one of those EU officials who has used the generous social security benefits to travel the world for a year. If you’re already working for an EU institution and are interested in doing something like this as well, I’ll link to the post as soon as it comes live.

I hope that this site helps you to find answers to all your EU jobs related questions. If there’s something you’re missing on the site or you have another question or recommendation, please send me a message.