Hi! I’m Ben!

As I’ve worked for three EU institutions in the past and still regularly receive questions from friends and acquaintances about “How to get a job in EU institutions?”, “How much are EU officials paid?”, “And do they really swim in money?”. To answer these and other questions I’ve created the European Union Employment Advisor. I hope that it helps you and other regular people find out more information about jobs in EU institutions and whether these might be a good fit for you.

I’m posting “easy English” overviews and guides, because European Commission sources are often too technical and hard to understand for the “uninitiated”. Most articles are responses to questions I had when I just started out my EU career or that I have received from readers like you.

I hope that this site helps you to find answers to all your questions related to #EUcareers (Twitter link that shows most EU institutions’ vacancies). If you don’t find an answer, please post your question as a comment under the most relevant article. Me and other readers are usually able to provide an answer within a few days.

If there’s something else you need to contact me about, please also send me a message.

Lastly, if you found a resource on this page particularly useful, consider buying me coffee to provide an energy boost while crafting the next article. ☕ 🙂Cheers!

P.S. Ben is a nom de plume to protect my privacy. However, besides this everything else on the site is as authentic and precise as possible.

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