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Hi! I’m Ben!

As I’ve worked for several EU institutions in the past and still regularly receive questions from friends and acquaintances along the lines of “How to get a job in EU institutions?” and “How much are EU officials actually paid?”.

To answer these and other similar questions, I’ve created the European Union Employment Advisor. I hope that it helps you and other regular people find out more information about jobs in EU institutions and whether these might be a good fit for you.

I try to write in “easy English”, because most often European Commission sources are too technical and hard to understand for the “uninitiated”. Most articles are responses to questions I had when I just started out my EU career or that I have received from readers like you.

I hope that this site helps you to find answers to all your questions related to a career in EU institutions. If you don’t find an answer, please post your question as a comment under the most relevant article. I and other readers are usually able to provide an answer within a few days.

If there’s something else you need to contact me about, you can also send a message, but a blog comment is more appreciated.

Lastly, if you found a resource on this page particularly useful, consider buying me coffee to provide an energy boost while crafting the next article. ☕ 🙂 Cheers!

P.S. Ben is a nom de plume to protect my privacy. However, besides this everything else on the site is as authentic and precise as possible.

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  1. Hi, I’ve read that for salaries below 60.000€ the income tax is 8%. Please could you cite the source? Because…