What is the European Commission Correction Coefficient

How much you earn in an EU job directly depends on where you work

Salaries of most EU officials get adjusted by a factor called the ‘Correction Coefficient’. Your EU salary amount directly depends on where your EU institution is located. Each year Eurostat tracks how expensive (or cheap) it is to live in all EU member states and adjusts the Correction Coefficient.

Employment at the European Gender Equality Institute (EIGE)

Logo of the European Gender Equality Institute

This article provides an overview about EIGE based on its regulation, single programming documents, consolidated activity reports, website, etc. If you are looking at a vacancy at EIGE there might be questions about the institution that are not always easy to find answers to without a lot of searching and reading. This post covers main facts about the agency and information that might be useful to professionals who considering work there.

Expatriation allowance and Foreign Residence allowance

Expatriation allowance

This article explains the difference between the European Commission’s Expatriation allowance and Foreign Residence allowance. These are paid to employees of EU institutions that are not nationals of the country the institution is located in.