EASA salaries

EASA salaries

This article provides approximate net salaries at EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, located in Cologne, Germany.

EASA is the EU institution in charge of upholding safety and other civil aviation standards in the Union. EASA develops safety and environmental rules at the European level, as well as monitors standards implementation through inspections. The agency also engages in inspections, training, aircraft certification, foreign aircraft supervision, as well as data collection, analysis and research.

Most EU institutions, including EASA, do a notoriously poor job in communicating their salary scales as they often indicate just the basic pay and little other detail, and quite many even fail to adjust it by the Correction Coefficient. This is not helpful for people without experience in the EU system, and a hindrance for quite many staff members that consider changing their positions as this makes it really difficult to understanding a person’s future income. This article series will seek to address the lack of information on actual net salaries in EU institutions.

The salaries below are presented according to four typical personal/family situations of future employees:

  • by type of contract (Contract Agent, Administrator, Assistant, Secretary and Clerk) and
  • function group (FGI-FGIV, AD5-AD16, AST1-AST11, AST/SC1-AST/SC6).

The mentioned personal/family situations are:

Situation 01Situation 02Situation 03Situation 04
Single local with no childrenMarried local with two childrenSingle expat with no childrenMarried expat with two children
The term ‘local’ refers to nationals of the country where the EU institution has its headquarters. The term ‘expat’ refers to employees of the said EU institution that have a nationality of another EU member state.

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To get an idea of your actual salary at EASA, you should look at the right cell in one of the four columns in the tables below that best corresponds to your personal/family situation. In calculating these values we have summed up not only the basic salary, but also the applicable allowances and deductions: household allowance, child allowances, expatriation allowance, pension contribution, sickness, accident and unemployment insurance, as well as community tax. All values in the last four columns are also adjusted by the European Commission’s Correction Coefficient for Cologne in Germany, so they present a realistic approximation of take-home pay/full remuneration package calculation.

As usual in these types of articles, I have to add the caveat that your precise salary can be calculated only by the EU institution’s HR department that knows your particular professional and personal circumstances.

The information below gives you a realistic estimate of what you can expect to earn at EASA. People interested in working for EU institutions often only look up the basic pay for their type of contract and grade. This is a mistake as the actual net salary can differ up or down quite a bit, compared to the basic salary.

If you want to understand what elements constitute the full salary package in the EU institutions and their weight in the total remuneration calculation, please read the article applicable to your type of contract: Contract Agents, Administrators, Assistants, Secretaries and Clerks.

How to read the tables

Here’s an explanation of how to read the tables below.

Let’s assume that you have applied for an AD6 Administrator’s vacancy in EASA. You are a Belgian national (any nationality except German fits here) with a spouse and two children. From the table below you can deduct that your basic salary without any adjustments would be EUR 5669, however, by working for EASA in Cologne, Germany, your net take-home remuneration package would be around EUR 6736. A German colleague with a similar family situation would earn EUR 5675.

Contract Agent salaries at EASA

Function groupBasic salary for function groupCorrection CoefficientSingle local with no childrenMarried local with 2 childrenSingle expat with no childrenMarried expat with 2 children
FG I step 1212896.91818288123823445
FG II step 4221196.91879294424433508
FG III step 8283196.92390346630004077
FG IV step 13362496.92998408337284820
Contract agent salaries at EASA

Administrator salaries at EASA

Function groupBasic salaryCorrection CoefficientSingle local with no childrenMarried local with two childrenSingle expat with no childrenMarried expat with two children
AD 5 step 1501196.94060517850176135
AD 6566996.94544567556046736
AD 7641496.95087623462667412
AD 8725896.95684684769958158
AD 9821196.96332751377958975
AD 10929196.97028823086619862
AD 111051296.977738999959910825
AD 121189396.9856298141060711859
AD 131345796.99337106201162912912
AD 141522596.99881112101255313883
AD 151722796.910803121731380715176
AD 161949196.911758131741513316549
Administrator salaries at EASA

Assistant salaries at EASA

Function groupBasic salaryCorrection Coefficient Single local with no childrenMarried local with two childrenSingle expat with no childrenMarried expat with two children
AST 1305896.92600368132474329
AST 2345996.92887397535974685
AST 3391496.93239433740225120
AST 4442996.93625473344885596
AST 5501196.94060517850176135
AST 6566996.94544567556046736
AST 7641496.95087623462667412
AST 8725896.95684684769958158
AST 9821196.96332751377958975
AST 10929196.97028823086619862
AST 111051296.977738999959910825
Assistant salaries at EASA

Secretaries and Clerks salaries at EASA

Function groupBasic salaryCorrection Coefficient Single local with no childrenMarried local with two childrenSingle expat with no childrenMarried expat with two children
AST/SC 1274596.92318339929284010
AST/SC 2310696.92627370832744356
AST/SC 3351496.92881397336174709
AST/SC 4397696.93268436640515149
AST/SC 5449996.93678478645425649
AST/SC 6509096.94137525550936211
Secretaries and Clerks salaries at EASA

Allowances and other benefits for EU institutions staff

Several allowances and other benefits can quite significantly boost an EU official’s income. This largely depends on whether the person is an expat and has a spouse and/or children. When considering a job at an EU institution, people too often do not take these benefits into account. Important – these benefits are available to Administrators in grades AD 5-16, Assistants in grades AST 1-11, Secretaries and Clerks in grades AST/SC 1-6, and Contract Agents in grades FG I-IV.

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