AD 13

Administrators at the European Commission and other EU institutions are placed in grades starting with AD 5 and ending with AD 16 reserved for Directors General.

AD 13 is a highly advanced professional grade within the Administrator (AD) function group of the European Union’s civil service, representing a level of considerable responsibility and expertise.

AD 13 is one of the grades typically associated with senior managers. This grade requires extensive experience and is given to individuals entrusted with critical responsibilities in the formulation and management of EU policies and strategies.

Staff in AD 13 would be involved in coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including EU member states, international organizations, and other external partners. They play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of EU actions and ensuring the successful achievement of its objectives in various policy areas.

As an example, Heads of Unit at the European Commission and Executive Directors of EU gencies would be put in grade between grades AD 12 and AD 14.





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