Verbal reasoning test

The Verbal Reasoning Test is an integral component of the EPSO assessment process for candidates aspiring to work at EU institutions. This test gauges a candidate’s ability to understand, analyze, and interpret written information, which is a critical skill in the policy-driven and legislative environment of the EU.

In a Verbal Reasoning Test, candidates are typically presented with a passage of text on a general topic, followed by a series of multiple-choice questions. Each question requires the candidate to draw conclusions, make inferences, or understand the implications based on the information provided in the text. The challenge is to accurately comprehend the nuances of the text and to select the most appropriate answer from several options within a limited time frame.

Effective preparation for the Verbal Reasoning Test can be achieved through the following methods:

  1. Practice Reading Comprehension: Regularly reading complex texts, such as EU or national policy documents, academic papers, or dense reports, can help improve reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
  2. Take Practice Tests: Utilize the sample verbal reasoning tests offered by EPSO and other online resources to familiarize yourself with the question format and to refine your test-taking strategies.
  3. Develop a Strategy: Learn to quickly identify key information, main ideas, and supporting details within a text, which will aid in answering questions more efficiently.
  4. Time Management: Work on answering questions under timed conditions to mimic the pressure of the actual test and improve your ability to manage time effectively.
  5. Review and Analyze: After practicing, review your answers, especially the incorrect ones, to understand the rationale behind the correct choices and to learn from any mistakes.

The Verbal Reasoning Test is designed to be EU-knowledge-neutral, ensuring that candidates from different backgrounds have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude. Mastery of verbal reasoning is essential for EU staff who must navigate complex information and make informed decisions in their daily work.

Most successful candidates report that they either practice every day for 1-3 hours for 2-3 weeks in advance of a test, or undergo a paid training programme.

View an EPSO sample psychometric test.





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