Personal Development Plan

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a strategic tool employed within the European Union (EU) institutions to help employees identify their professional goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. It serves as a structured framework that guides individuals in mapping out their career objectives and the competencies they need to develop to achieve these goals.

The PDP typically involves a process of self-assessment, goal setting, and action planning, often with the support of supervisors or HR personnel. It encourages continuous professional development and is designed to align an employee’s personal aspirations with the strategic needs of the organization.

In the context of the EU, a PDP is an integral part of the career development process, enabling officials and other staff to plan their learning and development in a way that supports both their individual career progression and the operational objectives of the EU institutions. A well-crafted PDP is a dynamic document that is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new experiences, changing roles, and evolving career interests.

In practice, a PDP helps staff to undergo desired training without additional justification. If a training is included in the PDP plan, there is a higher chance of it being approved compared to ad hoc training requests.





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