Numerical reasoning test

The Numerical Reasoning Test is a standardized assessment used in the EPSO competitions to evaluate candidates’ ability to interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from numerical data. This test is part of EPSO psychometric testing even for positions that do not require strong quantitative analysis skills.

Sample numerical reasoning test
Sample numerical reasoning test | (c) EPSO

A typical Numerical Reasoning Test presents candidates with data in various forms, such as tables, charts, or graphs. The test taker is required to perform calculations and interpret this data to answer multiple-choice questions. These questions may involve basic arithmetic, percentages, ratios, or statistical concepts. The challenge lies not only in performing calculations correctly but also in doing so efficiently under severe time constraints.

Preparation for the Numerical Reasoning Test can be approached through several strategies:

  1. Brush Up on Basics: Ensure a solid understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts, including fractions, percentages, averages, and ratios.
  2. Practice with Data Interpretation: Familiarize yourself with interpreting data from various types of charts, graphs, and tables, as these are common elements in the test.
  3. Use Practice Tests: Take advantage of the practice tests available online to get a feel for the question format and to practice time management.
  4. Time Management & Prioritization Skills: Since the test is timed, work on answering questions quickly, and learn to not dwell too long on one question. Practice pacing yourself to ensure you have enough time to attempt all questions.
  5. Review Mistakes: After completing practice tests, review your incorrect answers to understand where you went wrong and to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
  6. Stay Updated: Ensure you are familiar with the calculator type allowed during the test and practice using it efficiently, as this can save valuable time.

Most successful candidates report that they either practice every day for 1-3 hours for 2-3 weeks in advance of a test, or undergo a paid training programme.

View an EPSO sample psychometric test.





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