Hardship allowance

A hardship allowance for staff of the European External Action Service (EEAS) is a financial incentive provided to compensate for the additional challenges faced when serving in a posting with difficult living and working conditions.

The EEAS recognizes that some of its delegations and missions are located in hardship stations — environments that are often characterized by political instability, health risks, severe climate, limited infrastructure, and other factors that can affect the well-being and safety of its staff.

The hardship allowance is designed to acknowledge these challenges and to encourage skilled professionals to work in such demanding locations. The criteria for determining the eligibility and the amount of the hardship allowance for EEAS staff are based on an assessment of the hardship level of the duty station, which takes into account various factors affecting the quality of life and work.

The EEAS has its own set of regulations and guidelines that outline the provisions for hardship allowances, which may include additional benefits such as extra leave or support for family and educational concerns.






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