Contract agents FG III: salary and allowances

Salary of a European Commission contract agent, FG III

This article covers the topic of FG III salary or how much a Contract Agent (‘fonctionnaire’ in French) in Function Group 3 in a European Union institution can expect to earn.

Basic salary vs. full remuneration package

The ‘basic monthly salary’ for FG III ranges from Function Group III EUR 2758,47 to EUR 4 520,54 (figures for July 2019). It depends on which grade you are in (8-12) which is directly linked to the length of your previous employment period under any employer.

However, knowing the ‘basic monthly salary’ in most cases does not tell you much about your final take-home pay. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, the basic salary can make up anything between 50% and 100% of your total remuneration package depending on whether you entitled to the various allowances. This is especially so if you have children or/and are an expat.

Secondly, the country you are employed in has a significant impact on your total salary due to the ‘correction coefficient‘. Brussels is used as reference and you get the nominal amount quoted in the Staff Regulations and above. If you work for an EU agency in Scandinavia, your salary and allowances will upped by 18-31% to compensate for higher living costs. Conversely, if you will work for the EU in Bulgaria, you will get only 55% of what your colleague in Brussels gets.

Four scenarios

Below is a sample calculation of an FG III salary for four common scenarios for a contract agent employed in Brussels, Belgium. The calculation is for the initial grade 8. If you have a long work experience, you can expect to receive more, roughly EUR 350 for each next grade above 8.

  1. Single Belgian national with no children.
  2. Married Belgian national with two children.
  3. Single Italian national with no children.
  4. Married Italian national with two children.
Basic Pay2,758.472,758.472,758.472,758.47
Household allowance0246.610246.61
Dependent child allowance0836.620836.62
Education allowance0567.640567.64
Expatriation allowance 16%00567.38614.67
Pension contribution 9.70%-267.57-267.57-267.57-267.57
Sickness insurance contribution-46.89-46.89-46.89-46.89
Accident insurance contribution-2.76-2.76-2.76-2.76
Unemployment Insurance contribution-14.05-14.05-14.05-14.05
TOTAL REMUNERATION2,427.204,049.692,979.734,664.36

Additional benefits

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There will be a number of additional benefits to the basic salary and allowances quoted above. These will be:

  • Daily subsistence allowance.
  • Installation allowance.
  • Healthcare costs reimbursement to a level of 80-85% through the EU’s Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme for the employee and any direct family members and dependents
  • Compensation of an annual round trip back home. For a 4-person family from Rome this will amount to EUR 2703. For a single person the amount will be EUR 676
  • Birth grant
  • EU pension

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  1. I have more or less the same question as Antonio. With 15 years work experience do I get a higher grade than 10?

  2. If a person with 20 years of relevant experience becomes eligible for a contractual agent GF III position, can he/she start on a grade higher than grade 10?

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