Contract Agents Function Group FG IV salary

Contract Agents Function Group FG IV salary

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The monthly ‘basic salary’ for Contract Agents in function group IV (FG IV) in the European Commission ranges from EUR 3624 for grade 13 step 1 to EUR 7602 for grade 18 step 7. The amount of basic salary depends on which grade (13-18) and step in each grade (1-7) the staff member finds herself in.

Basic salary vs. full remuneration package

This article covers the topic of salary for Contract Agents in Function Group IV (FGIV) (‘agent contractuel’ in French) in the European Commission. The information about FGIV salary also directly applies to staff of the European Parliament, European Council, EU agencies and all other EU institutions.

When you start to work for an EU institution, you will be asked to prove your previous work experience. Depending on the length of it, you will be assigned a particular grade within function group III, which in turn will directly impact your starting basic salary. If you have up to five years of work experience, you’ll be placed in grade 13. Up to 17 years of work experience will place you in grade 14. More than 17 years of experience will place you in grade 16. For the starting basic salary in each of grades 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 see the table below.

Qualifications and professional experienceGradeStarting basic salary
less than 5 years13EUR 3624
between 5 years and 17 years14EUR 4100
Reached by reclassification or promotion15EUR 4639
17 years or more16EUR 5248
Reached by reclassification or promotion17EUR 5938
Reached by reclassification or promotion18EUR 6719
Contract agent function group IV (FGIV): basic salary according to grade and step in the European Commission salary scale

Important to note – if you start working for an EU institution with 4,9 and 16,9 years of experience, you will not be automatically ‘reclassified’ to a higher grade once you reach the 5 or 17 years threshold. Grades 15, 17 and 18 can only be reached in two ways. Firstly, by being employed at the same institution for a longer period through an exercise called ‘reclassification‘, which in practice means automatic advancement through the European Commission salary scales by one step every two years. Secondly, you can undergo ‘promotion‘ based on good professional performance. A ‘promotion’ allows you to skip several steps or even a grade at once. If you want to be promoted, be sure to not only work hard, but also make your management notice your efforts throughout the year and during the annual ‘appraisal exercise’.

Complete remuneration package

Knowing the ‘basic monthly salary’ in most cases does not tell you much about your final take-home pay. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, the basic salary can make up anything between ~85% and 130%+ of your total remuneration package depending on whether you entitled to the various allowances. This is especially so if you have children or/and are an expat.

Secondly, the country you are employed in has a significant impact on your total salary due to the ‘Correction Coefficient‘. Brussels is used as reference and you get the nominal amount quoted in the Staff Regulations and above. If you work for an EU agency in Scandinavia, your salary and allowances will upped by 18-31% to compensate for higher living costs. Conversely, if you will work for the EU in Bulgaria, you will get only 55% of what your colleague in Brussels gets.

Contract agents’ remuneration by family and residence status

Below is a sample calculation of an FG IV (grade 13, step 1) salary for four common scenarios for a Contract Agent employed in Brussels, Belgium. If you are in a higher grade, you can do a rough estimate of your salary by adding the difference between basic pay in grade 13 and your actual grade.

Situation 1Situation 2Situation 3Situation 4
Single Belgian national with no childrenMarried Belgian national with two childrenSingle Italian national with no childrenMarried Italian national with two children
Contract Agent FG IV
Basic Pay3624362436243624
Household allowance02690269
Dependent child allowance08580858
Expatriation allowance 16%00760760
Pension contribution 10.1%-366-366-366-366
Sickness insurance contribution-62-62-62-62
Accident insurance contribution-4-4-4-4
Unemployment Insurance contribution-21-21-21-21
TOTAL REMUNERATION3094421438474974
Contract agent FG IV salary and allowances: full remuneration package

N.B. Please treat the above values only as indicative, because only your EU institution can do a precise calculation based on your individual circumstances and the full set of EU rules.

On top of the above, children would either be guaranteed a place in the European School, or a single Education Allowance per child. The expat family would also get around 1000 EUR annually per family member as a Travel Grant considering the distance to Rome.

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European Commission 2022 salary scale for Contract agents FGIV

Function groupGradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7
IV 175938,386061,866187,926316,616447,976582,056718,94
Complete basic salary scale for contract agents FG IV. Source: Staff Regulations, Article 93

Impact of Correction Coefficient on FGII basic pay

The below table shows you the actual Contract Agent FGII basic pay according to the location of your institution. You can read a dedicated article about the Correction Coefficient.

LocationEU institutionCorrection CoefficientAdjusted Basic Pay
Amsterdam, NetherlandsEMA111.44037
Barcelona, SpainF4E96.33490
Berlin, GermanyEU Delegation101.43675
Bilbao, SpainEU-OSHA96.33490
Bratislava, SlovakiaELA79.92896
Brussels, BelgiumEuropean Commission, European Parliament, European Council, EDA, SRB1003624
Bucharest, RomaniaECITRCC68.52482
Budapest, HungaryCEPOL, EIT76.12758
Cologne, GermanyEASA96.93512
Copenhagen, DenmarkEEA134.24863
Dublin, IrelandEUROFOUND133.64842
Frankfurt am Main, GermanyECB, EIOPA96.93512
Hague, NetherlandsEurojust, Europol111.44037
Helsinki, FinlandECHA118.64298
Heraklion, GreeceENISA85.23088
Karlsruhe, GermanyJRC96.93512
Lefkosia, CyprusEU Delegation82.22979
Lisbon, PortugalEMSA, EMCDDA91.43312
Ljubljana, SloveniaACER84.93077
Luxembourg City, LuxembourgEuropean Commission, Eurostat, CDT, Court of Auditors1003624
Madrid, SpainEU Delegation96.33490
Munich, Germanyn/a113.44110
Parma, ItalyEFSA91.23305
Paris, FranceEBA, ESMA119.94345
Prague, CzechiaEGSA88.13193
Riga, LatviaBEREC802899
Rome, ItalyEU Delegation95.23450
Sofia, BulgariaEU Delegation61.72236
Stockholm, SwedenECDC130.34722
Tallinn, Estoniaeu-LISA86.33128
Thessaloniki, GreeceCEDEFOP85.23088
Turin, ItalyETF91.23305
Valletta, MaltaEUAA943407
Varese, Italyn/a91.23305
Valenciennes and Lille, FranceERA119.94345
Vienna, AustriaFRA109.63972
Vigo, SpainEFCA96.33490
Vilnius, LithuaniaEIGE80.12903
Warsaw, PolandFrontex70.62559
Zagreb, CroatiaEU Delegation78.32838
Basic Pay of European Commission Contract Agents in Function Group IV (FGIV) adjusted by the Correction Coefficient

Take into account that your allowances will also be adjusted by the Correction Coefficient. If you will work not in Brussels, but in another EU location, you should multiply the grand total values in the “scenarios table” to get the actual approximate figure.

Function Groups and corresponding types of duties

The below table presents an overview of what kind of tasks each function group of contract agents is expected to carry out. Note the wording “under the supervision of officials or temporary staff”. In practice, the situation most often is different. Very often there is little difference between the tasks FG III and FG IV carry out, it’s a little bit of a lottery in which function group your position happens to fall. Also, once you start working in these two grades, you might soon notice that the tasks you carry out differ little from what temporary agents AD5 and AD6 perform. The main reason for this situation is the aftermath of the 2008-9 economic crisis when EU Member States exerted pressure on the European Commission to decrease costs. Someone came up with the “clever” solution to administratively “devolve” many positions and tasks from AD to CA positions, without much change to the substance of the tasks performed.

Function groupGradesDuties
IV13 to 18Administrative, advisory, linguistic and equivalent technical tasks, performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff.
III8 to 12Executive tasks, drafting, accountancy and other equivalent technical tasks, performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff.
II4 to 7Clerical and secretarial tasks, office management and other equivalent tasks, performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff.
I1 to 3Manual and administrative support service tasks, performed under the supervision of officials or temporary staff.
Contract Agent Function Groups and corresponding types of duties | Source: Staff Regulations

Allowances and other benefits for EU institutions staff

Several allowances and other benefits can quite significantly boost an EU official’s income. This largely depends on whether the person is an expat and has a spouse and/or children. When considering a job at an EU institution, people too often do not take these benefits into account. Important – these benefits are available to Administrators in grades AD 5-16, Assistants in grades AST 1-11, Secretaries and Clerks in grades AST/SC 1-6, and Contract Agents in grades FG I-IV.

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Contract agent FG IV salary and allowances: full remuneration package
This article is based on the European Commission Staff Regulations and other publicly available information such as EU institutions’ vacancy announcements.

Do you have question or suggestion for this article? Please share in a comment below and let’s make this resource better for you and other readers!

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70 responses to “Contract Agents Function Group FG IV salary”

  1. Hi,
    let’s assume that there is an IT position and someone has 13 years of experience outside of IT and 5 years of work experience in IT.
    Will it count as 18 years and be placed in Grade 16, or only the 5 years will be counted and grade 14 would be granted?

  2. Hi, I have been offered an FGIV contract Grade 13 step 1, but I have 15 years of professional experience after the relevant degree. Is there something I can do before accepting the job offer? Thank you.

    • HI! You should have been offered Grade 14 as you have over 5 years of work experience. I suggest you ask HR to revisit the decision to place you in grade 13. It’s possible there’s an incompetent staff member. As you see, this amounts to ~500 month / ~6000 EUR per year, so worth contesting.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your very useful and rich website.
    Do you know the rules on how to obtain the number of years of experience?
    How long is a year? 200 days of work ?
    Are the exact number of days added? For instance, a counsultancy of 2 days would be counted as 2 days? One month?
    What happened when one has two jobs at the same time? (for instance teaching classes and doing an internship)
    Do internship count? Do studies count (as a French person, any post bac studies)?
    You say that part time count (for instance, I gave classes through an official organism during my years at a business school, does that count for a full work experience?

    Second part of the question: if one is hired for a renewable contract reaching the year limit (5 or 17) in between, would that be considered the same contract or a new appraisal of one’s work experience would be calculated?

    Thank you very much once again for this website!

  4. Hi Ben,
    Frontex is recruiting EBCG guards at FGIV, AST4 and AD9 level in parallel. Can someone who has applied only for an FGIV position be recruited at AD9 grade if they meet the requirement ?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time.

    • Hello. Very useful blog.
      Question regarding “CAs work under the supervision of officials or temporary staff”.
      What does it mean “supervise”?
      For example, can a FGIV oversee/coordinate other FGIV or an AD6?

      • This is about nominal hierarchy in EU institutions, a bit like in the army :). Yes, one FGIV can supervise other FGIVs.

        However, from the legal perspective CAs should not ever supervise ADs as they are much better paid and of higher rank.

  5. Excellent post.

    I am FGIV in Frontex and I would like to ask if I can get the Child dependant allowance because of the son of my wife. He lives with us the vast majority of the time and we take care of him.


  6. Thank you! This is extremely clear and useful.
    Do you know if the 17 years of experience 1) needs to be full time and 2) is maternity leave taken into account?
    I have worked over 18 years but some of this time i worked only 20%-50% and some months I looked after my babies and did not have a fulltime contract. Is this taken into consideration?

    • Hi! Lots of layers in this question, let’s try to unpack.

      As far as I’m aware, the total employment period counts, even if it’s half-time/less than full time.

      Maternity leave would be taken into account if you remained in unemployment relations with an employer while on maternity leave, e.g., had a labour contract. If you left a job, then were on maternity leave, and found another job after the maternity leave, this would be a gap in your employment record. I know, totally unfair to women, but these are the rules for the time being.

      If you were on part-time contracts, you should most likely get grade 16.

      Let us know how it went, if you win a competition for a position! Maybe there’s a nuance that’s useful to others.

  7. Hi, thank you for this very useful blog. Can I ask what the tax rate is for contract agents? Currently I’m subject to the 55% Belgian tax rate. Thanks!

  8. Hello. I found this blog very practical and useful. If the professional working experience is for instance 16 years 11 months and 25 days. Is is possible to open a dispute to be in the next grade? Thank you

    • In short – no. Longer reply – you have 1 options. Apply to a new contract agent position after you reach 17 years of work experience. Option 2: use this as an argument to be reclassified to the desirable grade. If you have performed well, managers might see sense to reclassify you to keep you in your current position.

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for all this very helpful information here. Quick question, as I am in a process to be hired as FGIV, do you know how HR evaluate the original of work certificate and diplomas ? I’ve only kept copies, and I’m afraid I’ve lost some of the originals that could be taken into account for the salary. Thanks for any feedback !

  10. Thank you for sharing information, it is very useful. I have a question about allowance paid during the parental leave. According to Art 42 a) of Staff Regulation during parental leave, an official shall be entitled to an allowance of EUR 1 050,30 per month. Also, the amounts mentioned in this Article shall be updated in line with remuneration.
    Does it mean that this amount varies depending on category of Staff and grades? What would be the allowance for CA FG IV? Regards

  11. Hello,
    Very impressed with the amount of information here.
    I’m quite new to the European System but I’m a belgian citizen who worked for the belgium administration for 6 years now.

    I have seen a job offer for EEAS with a “contract agent FGIV as per article 3b”. If I understand your article, I should be class in the Grade 14 with a start basis monthly salary of EUR 4100. Is it a net amount ?

    Compared to the belgium administration, this is significantly higher for similar years of experience. Would this base amount apply for a belgian citizen working in Brussels for EEAS ?

    Thank you for your insights. Not looking for an exact amount, but just to have an idea and a range of expectation.

    Thank you very much !

    • Hi! You should be able to get your answer by consulting one of the articles about Brussels-based EU institutions, for example, the EDA

      If you will be sent to a third country, a different (and more generous) rules will apply. However, for a Brussels-based position you can expect roughly what’s in the article. Hope this helps!

  12. Hello, thanks for the very interesting article.
    I would like to ask if Master Degree counts as work experience for an FGIV position.
    I have 4 years of working experience and a master degree in engineering. I wounder if I can get to FGIV grade 14 or not.

    Many thanks!

    • Hi! I’m unfortunatelly not a lawyer, so I hope someone more knowledgeable will chip in more authoritatively.
      However, it is my understanding that if only a bachelors degree is required, masters degree studies are supposed to be counted as work experience. At the same time, I’ve heard of plenty of cases where HR practice differs and some institutions’ HR does not count masters degree studies in the work experience period by default.

  13. Very informative. I have a question to this fragment:

    “Secondly, you can undergo ‘promotion‘ based on good professional performance. A ‘promotion’ allows you to skip several steps or even a grade at once. If you want to be promoted, be sure to not only work hard, but also make your management notice your efforts throughout the year and during the annual ‘appraisal exercise’.”

    Could you please specify the legal basis here? What are the exact provisions on the promotion for FGIV in the Staff Regulation or elsewhere? I will be very grateful for your reply.

    • Hi! I realize that the use of “promotion” might create some confusion. In essence it’s still an exercise of reclassification, but allows you to skip more than one step or even a grade. Normally everyone is ‘reclassified’ one step every two years. Based on good performance, you can be made to advance faster in the pay scale.

  14. Dear Ben,

    First of all, thank you for this article.
    I have received an offer from an EU agency for a Contract Agent FG IV position at grade 13.
    I understand that eligibility for this grade and determination of seniority will be confirmed at a later stage based on original diplomas and certificates of employment.
    I have over 20 years of experience. Do you think it is possible for my grade to be upgraded to grade 16?”

    Best regards,


    • Hi! If experience is over 17 years, you should be in grade 16. It is better to contest HR at the start as soon as you get in touch with them. Later it can take months or even over a year to correct this. And – do not worry, HR cannot withdraw the offer over a constructive dispute of how work experience length is calculated. It’s worth standing your ground as the financial difference is around 1000 EUR/month, subject to the correction coefficient.

      • I understood that only the working experience acquired after the diploma was awarded counts!

  15. Dear Madam/Sir,

    May I please if in the case where a contract agent changes Unit within an Executive agency, or DG within the EC, the years of experience are being re-calculated in the context of having a new contract? Isn’t this perhaps a way to go around the reclassification long waiting lists?

    Thank you in advance,

    BR, Ioannis

    • Dear Ioannis, what you described looks more a hypothetical option to me for the following reason:
      A new contract that results in a re-assessment of your classification is to my knowlegde only possible if you apply for a new position outside the context of a mobility excercise or existing contractual renewal.
      In reality you will have to resign from the initial position, apply and be recruited for that new one resulting in a new contract and classification. In this scenario you count on two assumptions: You will be selected and retained as a final candidate on that new post (?). Secondly that your experience (=beyond min. conditions for the Function Group grading etc.) is re-assessed in a way that it results in a ‘better’ classification compared to your old one (?). Two factors that you do not control at all …

  16. Hi Ben, any insights on the procedural steps for the “promotion” from FG III to FG IV? And also, to confirm my understanding, if a person is successful in upgrading group function and, at the same time, has more than 5 years of experience, would they automatically access FG IV, in step 15? Or there are any extra procedures? I could not find any information on reaching this step in official EC docs.

  17. Hi Ben and thank you for all the info and experience sharing.
    Shouldn’t in the examples shown above be present also the ‘ solidarity Levy’ deduction? Which If I get it right is 6% on the Basic Salary.

  18. Hi Ben and thanks so much for your work.
    What happens with the holidays not taken if you go from one EU institution to other?
    Do they transfer the days to the new institution or do they pay you?
    Also what happens with the daily subsistence allowance in the new job. Let us say I have been in Lux for one year and during probation I and had my DSA, Am I entitled to DSA during the probation period in the new institution?

  19. I am trying to understand why the expat allowance (760EUR) for a single person is the same as for a family of four with a household and dependent child allowance (My question is inline with the post by theod from October 2021 I assume). 16% of the basic salary including both allowances result in 760EUR. As indicated in the table, both allowances do not apply to a single person. Thus, the expat allowance should be 16% of 3624 which results in 580EUR. Am I missing something?

    Kind regards,

  20. Hi, do you know how does it work for contract agents in a third country (for example with EEAS or DG NEAR)? Is there a correction coefficient? I know you get a living allowance depending on the place, so does that go on top of the expat allowance or does it replace it?

  21. Hello. Thank you for all of your work in compiling this. It is useful even for people who have some knowledge.

    I have a question regarding grading and calculation of professional experience. An FG IV would be appointed either at grade 13 or grade 14 (if 5+ years of experience) . If the applicant has a Bachelor’s degree with a legal duration of 4 years and the position requires a university degree of 3 years, would that extra year of education be considered as professional experience ? 🙂

    Thanks !

    • Ben, this is an amazing article, thank you so much for taking the tine to write it! It’s made things a lot clearer! Keep well and safe!

      • It’s so nice to get messages like this! I sometimes wonder what do the 15 to 20 thousand people who read this page actually think about the content. Now I know that at least one of my readers appreciates it 🙂

  22. I have a couple of question regarding taxes. I am going to be employed as Function group IV, Grade 14, step 1. Will I pay the so called “solidarity levy”? and if so, is it calulated on the whole basic salary?
    Does anybody knows how much taxes I am going to pay (in %), and how much is the taxable portion of your salary? I mean the community tax, not other stuff such as pension & health insurance contributions
    Thanks a lot

  23. Is it possible, at the end of a 3 years contract as FGIV, being appointed again as FGIV on another project?
    What about after 6 years? Someone told me it is, someone told me that after 6 years as FGIV it is not possible anymore to work with the same EU agency.

    • Usually changing of grades is only possible if you apply to another job competition.
      However, you could be promoted to a higher grade within the same contract based on superb performance. This would not affect the duration of the contract if its a terminated/time-bound one.

      The Commission practices max. 6 year contracts for contract agents. Practice in agencies differes case by case. Also, if a CA position is linked to particular project, you might also be dismissed after the end of a project phase if no funding for its continuation has been secured.

  24. Hi and thanks Ben for your work!
    I got a question regarding moving between EU institutions.

    A CA works in a EU institution in Luxemburg and then get hired to work in another EU institution but in another country, eg in Brussels and the family of the CA stays in Luxemburg at least during the probatory period for the new job.
    What benefits is the CA allowed to? While he worked and lived with the family in Luxemburg he had house allowance, Dependent child allowance etc.

    How this may change in case the family decides to stay in a place that is not anymore the place of employment of the CA?

    • Hi! This is quite a frequent question. The dependent child allowance and the expatriation allowance are independent of whether your family moves with you.
      However, if your family hasn’t relocated with you, the daily subsistence allowance might be paid for only 4 months instead of 10. You also might not qualify for the household allowance despite having a spouse and children as they haven’t relocated. It depends what evidence your institution’s HR requires as proof that the family has relocated with you. For example, if they would visit you in your new location and probably spend substantial amount of time there, you might be able to succesfully prove that they have in fact relocated.

  25. Hello Ben – Thanks for this article. Very helpful. I have one question that I can’t seem to find an answer for. Does a completed / defended PHD count towards professional experience ?


    • Hi! It would just be an additional nice-to-have benefit for most vacancy competitions that might impress the evaluation committee. Usually masters is enough.

      An instance where it might really count to have a PhD is if you would apply at the JRC or a research position at COM or an agency.

  26. First of all thanks for the article.
    You mention that “Grades 17 and 18 can only be reached through long-term employment at the same institution; one cannot “parachute” into these grades”.
    What would be an average time required to reach grade 17 (from 16)? And grade 18 (from 17)?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Under regular circumstances you advance 1 step every two years. This means you would reach grade 18 in 10 years. It would happen more quickly if you get “reclassified” and moved over multiple steps or grades.

  27. Very useful blog, thank you! I don’t understand why the grade span is so wide for the 5-17 years of previous experience. For instance, with 11 years professional experience, what would be the starting grade? Would it be 14 anyhow but with a higher step?

    • Hi! Unfortunately, it would still be Grade 14, step 1. Theoretically, the staff conditions provide the possibility to negotiate with the employer that one is given more favorable conditions – higher step or even grade, but I have heard of only one such case and even there the concessions from the institution’s side were quite negligible. If you’re in a strong position, a better option might be to agree with your future boss that based on strong performance you are reclassified after first year/end of probation period to a higher grade.

  28. Hello,
    First of all congratulations for the quality of the articles.
    The blog is veru useful.
    Maybe you could help me :
    I am an FG IV Contract Agent and I would like to know if if we are entitled to the allowances as being in a “recognized partnership” (PACS in French) but without kids.
    Thanks a lot by advance. Have a nice day.

    • Hi! As usual in these cases, it’s best to ask HR. The EU institutions recognize heterosexual and same-sex partnerships if they are recognized under national law of an EU member state. PACS might be the right case for France, but I don’t know (your HR will know though). If it is recognized, you might be entitled to the household allowance. I have an article about this allowance:

  29. Ηi Ben,

    If the expatriation allowance is the 0.16 Summary of (Basic Salary+Household+Dependent Child Allowance) then how it comes in scenarios 3 and 4 of your example in the Table to be the same. Thanks once again for your effort in knowledge/experience sharing

  30. Hello there!
    Where I can find the taxes percentages for the FGIV step 1 level?
    In several websites, it says that it will be between 18% – 45%, but in this example, it says that it will be 14.85€
    How did you calculate this value?


    • It will definitively be at the lower end of the range for FGIVs and most AD/AST grades. When I’ll find a good overview, I’ll update the article. At the moment you’ll have to rely on my approximations and the actual calculation you’ll get for your employer.

    • Hi! There is a salary calculator, but it is only available to employees of EU institutions. Europol used to have it (in Excel format) on their website from where I hosted it here, but I was asked to remove it by European Commission HR. If you know someone who is working in the institutions, you might ask them to do a more precise calculation for you.

  31. Hi Ben,

    This may not be strictly related to salary/allowances issues, but do we know if a CA FGIV with 1 year at the Commission has the right to apply for another position in another unit within the same, or even different, DG?
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi! Regarding this, best to ask your HR department as I have too little experience with this.

      However, I’ll still share what I know. I’ve seen plenty of cases where people get reassigned by management to different position/tasks, if they remain within the same type of contract and grade (FG IV moves to another FG IV position, AD5 to AD5) within the same institution.
      To move between agencies requires winning a new competition, unless it is one of a small number of positions that are advertised as… I can’t remember the exact title but it was something with ‘horizontal mobility’. I don’t know if a similar arrangement applies among COM DGs. Usually this is clearly stated in the vacancy announcement.
      If you are already working for the Commission, check out the intranet. There are quite a large number of vacancies that seem to be available only internally to quickly fill staff positions. Most DGs seems to have such an intranet site, so look around.

      If possible, please share what you find out yourself regarding the question.

  32. Hello Ben!
    First of all happy new year (let’s hope it will be better) and thank you for all the good tips in your articles.

    If possible, could you please clarify under which conditions the expat allowance is given? E.g. non-belgian national, who has already work for more than 3 years in Brussels (and therefore has there the habitual residence).

    I have also another question, how experience is calculated to be relevant for grades and steps? (e.g. Master’s Degree, PhD, trainees do they count somehow?)

    Thank you very much!

  33. There is something odd with the example above: a family with 2 kids pay more taxes (76 euro) than a single (14 euro)? Usually it’s the other way around…
    Also, could you post the exact tax calculationto reach the final figure?
    Many thanks

  34. Wasnt there a exel file that you could calculate your total income? it seems to have disappeared from the internet

    • Pedro, apologies, but I received a request to take the calculator down. I complied as it was from the European Commission. I also see that Europol website where the original file was from has also taken it down. The above and similar articles give you a 90% certain insight into your final salary. However, if there are other issues that you are interested in, let me know and I’ll see if I’m able to produce an article.

  35. For someone starting in function group IV with 20 years work experience, the maximum when you start will always be Grade 16, step 1, is this correct? Or can you start at grade 17 or 18?

      • and will that always be step 1? or the years of experience can place you up a few extra steps?

        • It will always be step 1. You can only start at a higher grade depending on the work experience length.

      • Should the length of professional experience taken into account only come from previous experience acquired in an EU agency? Or could it come from experience as an official in one of the Member States?

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