EPSO cancels ‘concours’ for AST 3 posts due to remote testing failures

EPSO cancels ‘concours’ for AST 3 posts due to remote testing failures

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On 31 March 2023 EPSO, the European Union’s Personnel Selection Office, has announced cancellation of the competition EPSO/AST/154/22 for positions of Assistants AST3 in Accounting, Finance and Communication.

Cited reasons included

difficulties surrounding this competition, in particular as regards the implementation of remotely proctored tests, including technical dysfunctions and data protection concerns.

This development affects more than 6300 persons who took part in the competition. EPSO claims that no other competitions currently being run by the office will be affected by this cancellation.

In EPSO’s defence, it can be mentioned that this was the first large scale competition with online computer-based testing. However, EPSO could have selected a less popular competition to run the pilot project like Administrators in the field of transport.

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