EPSO selection procedures now in all 24 official EU languages

EPSO selection procedures now in all 24 official EU languages

Brussels, February 7, 2024

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) has made a significant move towards inclusivity and diversity by adopting a full 24 language regime for its selection procedures. This change, set in motion by EPSO’s Management Board at the close of 2023, signifies a substantial step forward in honoring the European Union’s commitment to multilingualism.

From 2024, EPSO will allow candidates to undertake all their tests in any one of the EU’s 24 official languages. This initiative aligns with the principles outlined when EPSO introduced a new competition model earlier in 2023. The longstanding requirement for candidates to demonstrate proficiency in two different EU languages during the selection process, however, remains intact, with certain conditions specific to linguistic profiles. Aspiring candidates should consult the relevant Notice of Competition for detailed information.

Notably, selection procedures announced in 2023 for upcoming fields such as Transport and Nuclear energy, which have not yet commenced testing, will see their Notices of Competition updated to reflect this inclusive language policy. However, this will not affect competitions currently underway where testing has already begun.

For further insight into the EU’s 24 official languages and the policies surrounding multilingualism and language rules, additional resources are available on the official European Commission website.

This progressive move by EPSO is expected to open doors for a broader range of candidates, ensuring that every EU citizen has an equal opportunity to serve and represent the diverse linguistic heritage of the European Union.

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