Salary and benefits – Frontex Border Guard Officer, BASIC Level (FG IV)

Salary and benefits – Frontex Border Guard Officer, BASIC Level (FG IV)

This article covers just the salary and related benefits of the Frontex Basic Level European Border and Coast Guards. If you want to get a broader overview, read this article about the European Border and Coast Guard Standing Corps.

The ‘full salary package’ of the Intermediate Level Frontex border guard greatly depends on whether you are a foreigner in Poland and whether you have dependents. Read below on how this is calculated.

* Polish residents without children can expect a monthly paycheck of EUR 2589.
* Foreigners without children can expect a monthly paycheck of EUR 3201.
* Foreigners with children can expect a monthly paycheck of EUR 3763.

Basic salary and benefits

Remember that the ‘basic salary’ forms only approximately 50-60% of the total remuneration package, plus, there are significant other benefits of employment like health insurance and pension rights. 

Type of benefitAmount in EUR
Basic salary (after deductions)FG IV, step 13 = EUR 2004
FG IV, step 14 = EUR 2169
FG IV, step 16 = EUR 2710
Household allowancesFG IV, step 13 = EUR 176
FG IV, step 14 = EUR 182
FG IV, step 16 = EUR 198
Expatriation allowanceFG IV, step 13 = EUR 382 – 543
FG IV, step 14 = EUR 430 – 594
FG IV, step 16 = EUR 550 – 717
Foreign residence allowanceFG IV, step 13 = EUR 95 – 135
FG IV, step 14 = EUR 107 – 148
FG IV, step 16 = EUR 137 – 179
Dependent child allowances for each childEUR 281
Preschool allowanceEUR 69
Education allowanceEUR 382
Shift allowanceEUR 420 – 946
Standby duty allowanceEUR 2 per hour during weekdayEUR 4 EUR per hour during weekends / public holidays

A sample calculation

The below table and text is an overview of the full-benefits package of a successful candidate in three scenarios:
1) Polish resident with no children
2) Foreigner in Poland with no children
3) Foreigner in Poland with 2 children

If you are a Polish citizen or have resided in Poland for the past five years, you will not receive the Household, Expatriation and Foreign residence allowances. However, you can count on the rest of the benefits.

Type of benefitPolish resident, no childrenNon-Polish resident, no childrenNon-Polish resident, 2 children
Basic salary (after deductions)EUR 2169EUR 2169EUR 2169
Household allowanceEUR 0EUR 182EUR 182
Expatriation allowanceEUR 0EUR 430EUR 430
Foreign residence allowancen/an/an/a
Dependent child allowances for each childEUR 0EUR 0EUR 281 x 2 = EUR 562
Preschool allowancen/an/an/a
Education allowance (up to)EUR 382 x 2 = EUR 764 (not applicable if children attend European School), not included in the final calculationn/aEUR 382 x 2 = EUR 764 (not applicable if children attend European School), not included in the final calculation
Shift allowanceEUR 420+EUR 420+EUR 420+
Standby duty allowanceDepends on dutiesDepends on dutiesDepends on duties
TOTAL:At least EUR 2589At least EUR 3201At least EUR 3763
(not counting Education allowance)

Salary calculation, Frontex Border Guard – Basic Level FGIV

Allowances and other benefits for employees of the European Commission and other EU institutions

Several allowances and other benefits can boost your income by as much as 100% depending whether you are an expat and have a spouse and children. When considering a job at an EU institution, people too seldom take these benefits into account. Important – these benefits are available to both temporary agents (AD 5-16 and AST 1-11) and contract agents (FG I to FG IV).

Contract duration and probation period

Contract type. Under the ‘Basic Level’, candidates are offered an initial contract of 5 years that can be prolonged once to another 5 years. This means that after 10 years in one post the officer’s contract will run out. If you will want to stay with Frontex, you will have to get another post before the 10-year deadline. 

This arrangement is more beneficial that what the “regular” contract agents get at EU institutions. The default arrangement is to serve 3 + 3 years before you have to look for another job.

There is a probation period of nine months. It is unclear from the Frontex vacancy announcement when the probation period is started – 1st day of training of 1st day of assuming duties with the agency. 

Vacancy announcement

You can download the full Frontex Border Guard 2019 vacancy announcement here. It should be very similar to all the upcoming rounds of selections of the European Border and Coast Guard Officers.

Frontex video about Standing Corps

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7 responses to “Salary and benefits – Frontex Border Guard Officer, BASIC Level (FG IV)”

  1. Hello,
    I have a couple of questions that i would greatly appreciate if you could answer them.

    Does Frontex have a use of EOD technicians?
    (Exprosive Ordnance Disposal)

    If a person has military experience in a variety of munitions and search tasks such as area search, road searches or building search.
    Can they work for Frontex?

    Thank you in advance and i hope you’ll have a great day!

  2. Hello, I would like to have further information about the leaves. How many days are in a year? When a woman has a 5year contract and gets pregnant, how many days or months is she able to leave? Thank you.

    • Bruno, hi! In case you haven’t read, please see the article on Advanced Standing Corps Officers: In essence, the main difference is salary and the duties you’re assigned to. Salary for the basic SC category is lower and the tasks are more routine. Salary and duties increase for the Intermediate Level SC officer, and are the highest for the Advanced Level Standing Corps officers.
      I haven’t read the most recent vacancy announcement for basic level offices, but in the past you were allowed to apply to several levels at once. If you are hired as a basic level SC officer and are hired, there is nothing prohibiting you to apply for a higher level later.

  3. Hi. Thank you very much for this explication, we’ll done because it’s clear and short. Just a doubt: For the education allowance, the children must move abroad at the same country as for the contract agent, in this case, Poland? And what’s the limit of age for this allowance? 18? Or until the children conclude his full education? (University, for example). Thank you for your kindness.

    • Hi! I’ve just created a post about the Education allowance that should answer all of your questions.

      If any questions remain, please let me know!

      In short, Frontex staff can enroll their kids in the European School in Warsaw. If your children remain at home, you are entitled to the Education allowance (single limit). The education allowance can also still be received while attending university up until the end of 26.

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